Need Drivers
Acute paucity of good teachers/academicians – especially the plural discipline of Management Science (plural discipline = combination of hard and soft sciences)

Paucity of adequate physical infrastructure for delivery of education
Inability of fixed-place, fixed time systems to cater to the management education needs of mid-career corporate personnel and entrepreneurs constrained by work/travel pressures

Ever growing mass of mid-career personnel, approximately 18 million (3 million in managerial positions and 15 million on the threshold) in India alone, without convenient access to management education of quality by way of continuing education or otherwise

Difficulties in scaling teacher-centric systems without dilution of quality.
Corporates wanting to rapidly raise the value of their human capital through education (supplemented by training) and not having any easy means of doing so

Failure of newer forms of technology-driven delivery systems [Elearning, CBT, Interactive ‘talking-head’-based Distance Education (DE) with one-way video and two-way audio, etc.] to come to grips with the right pedagogical processes to adequately address the issues critical to the needs of the working community