Thematic treatment, viz. Video, Audio, Text (VAT)
Thematic treatment
  • The video component is the compressed front-end. It has four constituencies: Domain experts, Anchors, Commentators (voice over) and Industry experts. It is scripted to stimulate a dialogue between the different

    Video Trailers
    constituencies in a query—response setting. It is also scripted to teleport the viewer into the real world through actual or simulated situations. It serves to graphically introduce the learner to a new body of knowledge, hook his mind and to stimulate curiosity to explore further

  • The audio component is scripted to simulate an out-of-class learning feel – the type of learning that takes place in corridors, in canteens, at the hostel and at places where students congregate. The treatment simulates the feel of eavesdropping on a dialogue between two or three people. "What is overheard is not easily forgotten"

  • The text component is designed to suit a structured learning format, with abstracts, worksheets, exercises and quizzes
Manovakyakarma - Thought, Word and Deed , Trikanyashruthi - Thought, Word and Deed