• Domain knowledge: A fundamental understanding of the different functional areas and an integrated understanding of business, work flows and information

  • Form and personal packaging: Development of an ‘improvement orientation’. The programme stresses on personal packaging (form/stance), which is as important as the imbibed knowledge to mpower performance on the job

  • Mind organization: Continual exposure to the high-quality courseware unobtrusively develops good presentation skills and an appreciation of quality and style that is an essential part of any business management course

  • Managerial competencies: Threaded through M’Power are inputs that go to develop 14 vital managerial competencies: Motivational Skills, Improvement Orientation, Persuasiveness, Customer Focus, Competitive Analysis, Risk Management, Development of Subordinates (Caring), Listening and Summarizing (Networking), Objective Setting and Resource Optimization, Conflict Resolution (Leadership), Drive, Written Communication, Research Capabilities

  • Value orientation: Case presentations and exercises at contact sessions subtly stress the need for a healthy value orientation, devoid of cultural bias