M’Power is a VAT (Video, Audio, Text) driven hundred-lesson Postgraduate Programme in Management that answers the executive education or management education needs of the working personnel. It is management education with a difference. Authored by the very best of management academicians and industry experts, M’Power brings about a paradigmatic shift in the conduct and delivery of management education in India. The programme covers the areas of Marketing, Finance, Manufacturing, Human Resources Management and Core Concepts.

Each of the hundred lessons is presented using three media forms.

Video – a stimulating, captivating, enjoyable and refreshing class of approximately 24 minutes,

Audio – a class in the form of a radio play (20–28 minutes) and

Text-cum-Exercise Book of 40–100 pages for structured learning.

The multiple media forms of presentation complement and supplement one another, dramatically improving the effectiveness of the learning process compared to any other management and training institutes in India. The course is the equivalent of 600 hours of classroom instruction. With 12 assignments, six contact programmes and a final examination, the M’Power programme leads to a Postgraduate Diploma in Management.

M’Power comes to you from B.School – Brilliant’s School of Management. It is a truly integrated course in which each of the lessons is integrated within each functional area and further across functional areas to provide a holistic management education cum training of lasting value.